• History Of Tha Streetz: Pittsburgh, PA

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    Documentary about the streets of Pittsburgh, PA. This 10 minute documentary, talks about the old gang culture of the city, how the black community expanded from a few areas, and live interviews in the neighborhoods about what is going on today on all sides of Pittsburgh, as well as the Mon Valle...

  • History Of Tha Streetz: Ohio (Triple Feature)

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    30 minutes worth of footage on the urban communities in the cities of Cleveland, Youngstown, Cincinnati, Columbus, and more. History Of Tha Streetz: Ohio includes the full and revise versions of History Of Tha Streetz Cincinnati and Columbus, along with the unedited version of the History Of Tha ...

  • History Of Tha Streetz: Columbus Ohio

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    A documentary that explains how the black community of Bronzeville expanded into the North, South, and East Sides of the city. Also talks about the gangs, that came to the city during the 80s and 90s and interviews of people from the neighborhoods telling what's going on today in community.

  • History Of Tha Streetz: Cincinnati

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    A short documentary of Cincinnati's black community, that shows what's currently going on and explains the history and how the community grew.

  • History Of Tha Streetz: Baltimore

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    A short video that shows the early days of the black community and the present day. History Of Tha Streetz, gives the story of how the community of Baltimore became what it is today and what are the problems in the city.
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